From the 1982 Intellivision catalog:

Voice Synthesis Module

Now Intellivision talks to you. Intellivoice is an all-new Intellivision feature--a voice synthesis module. It generates human-sounding voices which become an essential part of the game play. You concentrate on the visual action while your IntelliVoice component keeps you aware of depleting energy levels, shield damages, and attacking fighters.

Voices that sound human. IntelliVoice produces voices with personality. All instructions, directions and announcements are crisp and clear. IntelliVoice is your computer voice partner in game play.

Not just effects. Voices generated by Intellivoice give you important game playing data. The IntelliVoice comes in throughout the game, keeping you informed at all times.

Added realism. The IntelliVoice feature adds important new dimensions in realism. For example, IntelliVoice seems to put headphones on you as you command a B-17 Bomber over enemy territory, contending with attack fighters, navigation requests, and tower instructions.

Easy add-on installation. The IntelliVoice unit simply plugs into the cartridge outlet on your IntelliVision Master Component. IntelliVoice cartridges simply plug into the IntelliVoice unit.

Special IntelliVoice cartridges are required to operate the module and add human voice to game play. (Regular IntelliVision cartridges may also be plugged directly into the IntelliVoice and will give you game play without voice, as if they were plugged directly into the Master Component.) Look for these specially marked game cartridges with the IntelliVoice feature wherever Intellivision is sold.


Space Spartans(TM)
B-17(TM) Bomber
Bomb Squad

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