Ok, you wanna help? I'd appreciate it! This page would be nothing without its contributors.

The following is what, in particular, I need:

Ok, so how do you send it to me? E-mail of course! Any e-mail format is good, but here's a few suggestions. If you own a Macintosh, *please* save any images you have as "raw", otherwise I won't be able to read them, and neither will the web server, since it's Linux-based. If you save as raw, it will be useful.

While "attaching" a file to e-mail works, it's not preferable. If you can uuencode and read the results directly into the text, instead of actually selecting "attach file", it will help tremendously.

One more thing--my email! is where you can send the files.

Thanks, and I'll see you 'round the 'net!