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Who am I? What am I? Ewwww...

Hello! I am the guy who maintains this glorious web site. It's still under construction, but should expand if all goes well. Now--what about this WWW thing?

In my opinion, people shouldn't have WWW homepages unless they have something unique to bring to the system. I've seen too many "link" pages which are nothing more than that--links. Granted, I have my own links to various places, but the primary reason for putting this WWW page up is to have an easily accessible place for people to obtain their classic videogame information.

Why classic videogames? Well, for one thing, today's games don't have the oomph that they used to. The graphics are outstanding on all of them, whether it's Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, or whatever. The newer systems such as the Sony Playstation and Sega Saturn are the same way. However, they lack in the most important place--playability.

You see, years ago when games were first developed, graphics weren't what they are today. Lets take the Atari 2600 for instance. Its resolution is lower than low-resolution on most computers and videogames today. But look at the games. Asteroids is still one of the best games around, and the game is only 2k! This is what I am talking about.

Ok, that explains the reason to collect classic games...but why would a person like myself begin to collect the games? Simply put, my sister.

When I was a kid, I wanted an Atari 2600 very, very badly. It took my father three years to buy us ours, and when he did, it was a Sears Telegames system, used, with about 15 games. Over the course of the next 5 to 6 years, we accumulated over 40.

Flash forward to 1989. The power supply for the 2600 had long-since worn out. For a short while, the 2600 was gathering dust in my closet. One day, my sister called me and said she wanted to play the games again, and she would buy a new power supply. Stupidly, I said yes.

A few years later, I started yearning for the 2600 games yet again. I went to my sister and asked her for the system yet, and her reply was, "I don't know where it is." After badgering her for about an hour, she finally told me that she didn't think it was worth anything, and sold it at a yard sale for $10! That's a 2600 system, 2 perfectly functional joysticks, 4 paddle controllers, 40 games, WITH documentation! I was *steamed*!

I realized that staying angry with my sister was no solution, since it wouldn't bring the 2600 back anytime soon. So I vowed my revenge. I would start my 2600 collection once again, and make sure it was better than ever. My quest began.

I found a brand-new Atari 7800 at a toystore for $60, so I hopped on it. The same day, I found myself at The Goodwill, and found a Vectrex for an astounding $25! My goodness, what a day. Later on that day I went over to a few thrift stores and ended up buying about 40 various games, ranging from $.50 to $2 apiece.

That was exactly one year ago. Since then, I have accumulated an Atari 2600, an Intellivision, and an Atari 5200. I may only have 15 games for the Intellivision, 2 games for the Vectrex, and 8 games for the 5200, but am always on the prowl for new and inexpensive games.

Many people say that collecting classic video games is a waste of time. In fact, my last roommates laughed at me when I proudly flaunted the 40 games I had bought during Spring Break. It's fun, more than anything. While I see children begging their parents to buy them $50 Sega Genesis games, I go to the thrift store and buy 2 games at a time for $1 apiece. Who's the better for it? I think I am. :)

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