Wanna Link?

Okay, here's the deal--I created this frames page with the intent that the cute little window at the bottom would have an advertiser's banner on it. Guess what--Sponsor Net went belly-up, and I'm stuck with an empty space!

So I let it sit there for forever and an eternity, and why? I had this stupid little idea to get my own advertising, thinking I could make a small bit of cash in the process. WRONG! So I had to rethink things. I have this little space, and it's not being used except for a relatively ugly banner, how about if I--yeah!!!

So I have decided to give anybody with a personal videogame-related web-page free advertising in that spot! Lately I have been receiving about 850-900 accesses per day, so I would label this as a "good" thing. The only thing I will ask the person who has their banner on my page is that they link back to this page.

So how about it? Are you interested? If so, send me email and let me know! Here are the rules:

and finally

That's it! I look forward to adding your banner!

Greg Chance

This document updated 12-30-96, ©, 1996 by Greg Chance.