It's Over

Well, after 6 years of work, I have decided to cease updating the History of Home Video Games Homepage. It's been a blast, let me tell you!

I'm doing this as a result of my own realizations. Yes, I still have fond memories of videogames, both old, and some not so old as a result of this page. Still, I have come to the realization that I have other interests, now. This page was a wonderful diversion during my college years, and has been a source of both good and bad experiences.

I'd like to thank those of EFnet (now Undernet) IRC channel #rgvc. The like interests of you guys have kept me going all these years. Keita Iida, Mercury Hess, Michael Garber (yes, we still remember you), David Coverdale, Jennifer Jason Leigh... I can't begin to thank you guys enough. Those of you I can't think of names for... MrNES, |tsr, even LA^Eskimo. I'm typing this as I'm preparing for bed, so I can't think of everyone offhand... Roberto/Rubbertoe, Jerry Jessop, Michael Crighton, David Crane, Jon Bon Jovi. You guys have been wonderful.

I also want to thank the supporters of this page over the years. After all these years, you still frequent my page on a daily basis. Oh, sure, it's easy to say these types of things, but really. If not for you, I wouldn't have been mentioned in Internet Underground, or the biggies like Yahoo! Internet Life and Wired. It's truly been a blessing, and I thank you.

Finally, it's important to mention that this site will remain on the Internet, parked, for people to enjoy. It's enough of an archive that really doesn't need much maintenance, as proven by my lack of updates over the past, say, three years or so. You'll still be able to access the archives, although the search pages won't exist any longer. Perhaps someone will index the site and make it searchable, I don't know. The manuals, ROMs, labels, overlays, and screenshots will all remain here for as long as people access them.

Greg Chance