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reddot.gif (215 bytes) Resellers Take Charge with New Credit Card Program - Apr. 12, 1999
reddot.gif (215 bytes) AOpen AX59 Pro Motherboard is the first one recommended by AMD for K6-2 475MHz - Apr. 06, 1999
(AOpen Pentium Board vs. CPU table)
reddot.gif (215 bytes) AOpen Kicks Off VAR Credit Plan - Mar. 17, 1999
reddot.gif (215 bytes) AOpen Expands VAR Program - Mar. 17, 1999
reddot.gif (215 bytes) AOpen DVD-9624, 6X DVD-ROM - Mar. 3, 1999
reddot.gif (215 bytes) AOpen Launches High-Performance Graphics Card - Feb. 10, 1999
reddot.gif (215 bytes) AOpen Makes Mid-Market Bid - Feb. 2, 1999
reddot.gif (215 bytes) AOpen Launches New AX63 Motherboard with VIA Apollo Pro Plus Chipset for Pentium II CPU - Feb. 1, 1999
reddot.gif (215 bytes) AOpen Launches New AX3L & MX3L Motherboard for Supporting Intel Celeron (PGA370) CPUJan. 25, 1999
reddot.gif (215 bytes) MicroOpen's AOpen White Box System Stand Out - Jan. 22, 1999
reddot.gif (215 bytes) A Valuable Choice: AOpen AW724 PCI Audio Solution - Jan. 19, 1999


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bluedot.gif (211 bytes) [DVD-520S] "The AOpen DVD 520S is a DVD drive with which you can read and write DVD discs, and read different types of CD-media. The DVD 520S writes at 1x speed, reads at 2x speed and reads CD-ROMs at 20x speed." By PC Magazine Belgium, Apr. 1999
bluedot.gif (211 bytes) [DVD-9632] "AOpen has released its drive DVD-9632, which according to them, was the world's first 6-speed drive. At the time of writing this article, other vendors have announced that they also will come up with drives with the same speed." By PC Pro Magazine Denmark, April issue, Page 45
bluedot.gif (211 bytes) [DVD-9632] "AOpen do have one of the fastest DVD drives witch is working without any problems." By Personal Computer Magazine, Apr. 1999
bluedot.gif (211 bytes) [CRW9420] "CRW9420 is ranked as the best ATAPI CRW." By C'T Magazine, Mar. 1999, Issue 5
bluedot.gif (211 bytes) [AX6BC] "This is a truly excellent product on a number of levels. It is fast, super-stable, highly compatible and gives you a lot of fun bus speeds to play with." By, Feb. 11, 1999
bluedot.gif (211 bytes) [CRW9420] "AOpen CRW9420 Wins Best Overall IDE Recordable CD Drive; Low-Cost Drive Supports Both CD-ROM and CD-Read/Write Recording"  By Computer Dealer News " Editor's Choice", Jan 29, 1999
bluedot.gif (211 bytes) [AX6BC] "for increased stability, reliability, and quality, and the ability to count on your system when it matters most, even when overclocked, the AOpen AX6BC is a truly top-notch motherboard." By, Jan.16, 1999

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