Gregory A. Chance

1230 Melton Dr., #11

Yuba City, CA 95991

(530) 671-4592



                        HPUX                        MPE/iX                        Windows NT  

OS                        BSDI                        SunOS                        MacOS           

EXPERIENCE                        Linux                        MS-DOS                        ACOS            

                        Windows 3.x                        Windows 95/98                        XWindows      


                        C                        C++                        Visual C++                        BASIC           

LANGUAGES                        HTML                        PERL                        KSH                        CSH               



HELPDESK                        Remedy 2.0                        Remedy 3.1                        Remedy 3.2.1

SOFTWARE                        Expert Advisor                        PHD


Independent Contractor                            Webmaster, The History of Home Video Games Homepage

May, 1994 - Present


Independent Contractor                            Webmaster, aboutComputers™ Radio Show

Sep., 1999 – Present


RHI Consulting                                   Desktop Tech Support, Marysville School District, Marysville, CA

Sacramento, CA

Nov., 1999 - Dec., 1999                       w Tech Support for 10 schools in school district.

                                                                                w    Cloned & configured systems

                                                                                w    Installed hardware & software

                                                                                w    Set up small network of 4 computers to share printer

                                                                                w    Provided support for software


Computer Resrouce Group                PC Technician, Intel, Folsom, CA

Gold River, CA

Mar., 1999 – Oct., 1999                                             w  Thermal testing of hardware at Folsom site

·         Developed testing methodology

·         Soldered leads to motherboard pins

·         Routed thermocouples to known hotspots

·         Performed heat stress tests on Sun River, Seattle, Cayman, & Vancouver boards in 40 chassis

·         Compiled data into reports



RHI Consulting                                   Helpdesk Operations, Sutter Health Roseville, Roseville, CA

Sacramento, CA

Nov., 1998 - Jan., 1999                       w Helpdesk support at Rosville site.

                                                                                w    Answered helpdesk phone

                                                                                w    Answered general questions

                                                                                w    Led users through simple procedures over phone

                                                                                w    Logged trouble tickets

                                                                                w    Special projects include creating web page for

                                                                                                Sutter Health Roseville Helpdesk to simplify day

                                                                                                to day helpdesk operations

                                                                                w    AS/400 support

                                                                                w    Primary Application: Remedy






Smartsource                                        Field Technical Support, The Money Store, Sacramento, CA

Gold River, CA

Apr., 1998 - Oct., 1998                       w Field tech at Del Paso, Arco, Country Club, C St., & Ziggurat sites

                                                                                w Cloned, configured, & placed hundreds of systems

                                                                                                w Operating systems: Win 3.11, Win 95, Win NT

                                                                                                w Configured to operate on LAN

                                                                                w Installed & configured software

                                                                                                w Wrote install documentation for several in-house

                                                                                                       software programs.

                                                                                w Provided support for in-house proprietary software

                                                                                w Applications used: Remedy, MS Office Suite, Paradox 5,

                                                                                       SQL, CLI-32


Smartsource                                        Helpdesk Support, Cal Farm, Sacramento, CA

Gold River, CA

Mar., 1998                                            w Helpdesk support to on-site customers at Cal Expo site

                                                                                w Answered general questions

                                                                                w Led users through software configuration over the phone

                                                                                w Answered user’s questions about using software

                                                                                w Primary application used: Professional Help Desk(PHD)


New Boston Systems                 Helpdesk Operator, NEC, Roseville, CA

Sacramento, CA 

Oct., 1997 - Feb., 1998                       w Helpdesk support to on-site customers at Roseville site

                                                                                w Answered general questions

                                                                                w Fixed corrupt network settings

                                                                                w Customized settings for PC users

                                                                                w Reset mainframe printers & terminals

                                                                                w Logged all calls

                                                                                w Applications used: Expert Advisor, Microsoft Excel


                                                                w Operated & Monitored NEC ACOS 630 & ACOS 450 Systems

                                                                                w Recognized & reported system problems

                                                                                w Performed system backups

                                                                                w Maintained department & company confidentiality

                                                                                w Printed & distributed reports

                                                                                w Applications used: ETOS


Volt Technical                                     Computer Operator, Hewlett Packard, Roseville, CA

Sacramento, CA 

May, 1996 - Oct., 1997                       w Operated & Monitored HP3000 & HP9000 Systems

                                                                w Performed special requests

                                                                w Recognized & reported system problems

                                                                w Solved hardware and system problems

                                                                w Provided customer assistance

                                                                w Performed system backups

                                                                w Maintained department & company confidentiality

                                                                w Applicationss  used: Remedy; some JCL.


Manpower Technical                              Computer Operator, Sacramento Blood Center, Sacramento, CA

Sacramento, CA

Jan., 1996 - May, 1996                       w Printed & distributed reports

                                                                w Streamlined daily/nightly jobs

                                                                w Scheduled & monitored backups

                                                                w Mapped the LAN & WAN

                                                                w Helped solve Unix problems on HP9000

                                                                w Created 100 users on HP9000

                                                                w Applications used: Visio, Microsoft Excel, & Microsoft Word


Olsten Staffing                                    Computer Operator, Foundation Health, Rancho Cordova, CA

Rancho Cordova, CA

Sep., 1995 - Oct., 1995                       w Queried telephone database for potential provider addresses

                                                                w Converted database output to Microsoft Excel for formatting

                                                                w Reduced output to manageable size and mailed letters to providers


Kelly Services                                      Computer Operator, EDS, Chico, CA

Chico, CA

Jun., 1994 - Jan., 1995                       w Operated & maintained SunOS systems

                                                                w Printed & distributed reports

                                                                w Wrote & maintained 40-50 shell & PERL scripts

                                                                w Monitored automatic processing of insurance claims

                                                                w Backed up & restored data to and from 12-inch optical disc

                                                                w Backed up & restored data to and from 8mm data tape


                        BASIC                        Yuba College, 3 Units, 1984  

                        C                        CSU Chico, 3 Units, 1993     

EDUCATION                        C++                        CSU Chico, 3 Units, 1994     

                        3D Computer Graphics                        CSU Chico, 3 Units, 1994     

                        Unix System Administration                        Sierra College, 3 Units, 1997