While I have spent a lot of time and energy developing this page, I could not have made it what it is today without the help of the following individuals. They tirelessly(need I say tirefully) helped me not only put the old page together, but betatest the new page. Way to go!

First off, thanks go to Ross Hamilton for starting the whole 2600 document archive in the *first* place, and sparking my idea for this page.

The following people helped immensely in putting together the 2600 docs archive. Generally, these are the people who conducted the arduous tasks of either typing in, or scanning, the Atari 2600 manuals. In case you don't know what kind of work this entails, I just typed in 7 manuals yesterday, and it took me about 5 hours.

Craig Pell		vgriscep@wam.umd.edu(maintainer of the Giant 2600 List)
Gregg Woodcock		woodcock@bnr.ca(for his excellent Vectrex scans)
David J. Calvin		calvid@rpi.edu
Dean Dierschow		dean@xocolatl.com
Mark ?			dngermouse@aol.com
Greg Alt		galt@asylum.cs.utah.edu
Kris Kelley		gt6005a@prism.gatehc.edu
Brian Hanechak		hanechak@titan.oit.umass.edu
Harrison Page           harrison@wiretap.spies.com
Jeff Lodoen             Jeff_M_Lodoen@cup.portal.com
Kirk Israel             kisrael@Jade.Tufts.EDU
Ben Langberg            bdlangbe@mailbox.syr.edu
Robert Bartz            rbartz@nyx10.cs.du.edu
Eddie Beiles		beiles@email.unc.edu
Thomas Thanh Vuong	tovu@alder.circa.ufl.edu
Norman Sippel		ngsippel@infinet.com
John Bradley		bradley@devo.dccs.upenn.edu
Nichole S. Unnasch	unna0001@gold.tc.umn.edu
Steve Reed		stever@on-ramp.ior.com
Mike Littau		littaum@ucs.orst.edu
Bobby Tribble		btribble@ocf.Berkeley.EDU
Tom Hayes		handle@adnc.com
Tim Grove		Tim_Grove@intersolv.com
Alan Davis		aadavis@mindgames.com
?			koster@netcom.com
Graham J. Percy		gjp57@yahoo.com

The following people have contributed various things to the page.

Suzanne Ferree          ?
Joseph Huber            huber@rock.enet.dec.com
Fred Horvat             ap748@cleveland.freenet.edu
Shane D. Shaffer        atariman@athena.mit.edu
Harry Dodgson           dodgson@sol.cs.wmich.edu
Benjamin Summers	summersb@ucs.orst.edu
David T.		davidt@unm.edu
Rik Morgan		rik@metronet.com
Michael Garber		riffraff@best.com

To all involved, thank you very, very, very much!


This document updated 10-29-96, Copyright 1996 by Greg Chance.